I learned to hunt and fish from my dad, which furthered my love for the outdoors. When I began creating jewelry during my years in high school, my first piece was a necklace of shark’s tooth, bone, hand carved beads, and leather. I never took the necklace off and friends soon expressed interest in my work. As the years passed, creating jewelry was always on my mind, and I enrolled in the Haywood Community College- Professional Crafts Jewelry Program.Two years later, I graduated with honors and distinction.

My dream was taking shape. My awareness of nature’s inherent beauty teamed with my new artistic knowledge and skills fueled my passion to create. I believe in the early arts and crafts philosophy that craft- makers should use materials that are local and familiar to them. And so, when I leave a trout stream, my pockets are often filled with such treasures as river stones and twigs. Back at my studio, these materials come together with precious metals and gems to form designs that I love, designs that are Precisely Natural.